Environmental Policy

Island Inn Hotel acknowledges its position in the local community and its role in the wider global environment and as such, the Director, Managers and Staff of the hotel recognize and accept that the activities involved in the daily operations of its business impinge upon the environment.


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In delivering its commitment, Island Inn will

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation to a minimum standard and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.
  • Promote the principle of “sustainable development” whereby the present needs of the hotel will not compromise the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Seek to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials while maintaining the quality of service expected by the guests.
  • Use products that have a low impact on the environment
  • Monitor performance and aim for continued improvement by taking all measures that are reasonably practicable to:
    1. Reduce waste at source
    2. Reuse waste components where it is safe and practicable to do so
    3. Recover/recycle those elements of the waste stream where an outlet is available; and
    4. Dispose of final waste by the most environmentally suitable means.
  • Adopt a policy of “green procurement” taking environmental factors into account in all purchasing and supplier contracts where possible.
  • Prompt our suppliers to deliver services and products that are consistent with our environmental level
  • Where possible source our products & services locally.
  • Communicate the environmental policy and ensure that all employees are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits of improved environmental performances; and will provide specific environmental training to this effect.
  • Inform our visitors about the differences they can make by saving energy and water during their stay.
  • Through our environmental team, ensure that the efforts are continually reviewed, updated and communicated to all staff.